10 Tips on How To Navigate Healthy Relationships

1 – Acceptance Accept the person exactly where and who they are. Do not try to change them or control them. Do not wish they were different. Know they are full of faults and will make mistakes often. 2 – Forgiveness Just like you need forgiveness the other person does too. Never accept abusive talkContinue reading “10 Tips on How To Navigate Healthy Relationships”

5 Simple Tips to Successful Meditation

Meditating does not have to be a complicated process. In fact it is one of the most simple forms of connecting to a higher self 1 – Disconnect Ideally you will be alone and stript of all: phones, devices, music, tv, distractions, sounds, people, interruptions and such. Begin with 5 minutes and increase to moreContinue reading “5 Simple Tips to Successful Meditation”

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