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Advertisements Facebook Group To Promote – Link Join FB Group with over 3,500 members to promote your business, product or service #Facebook #group #Marketing #promotion #Join #MEMBERSHIP #FREE #complimentary #INFO #news

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Advertisements Pink Cloud 9 Youtube Subscribe Over 300 Creatives & Entrepreneurs Interviews. Entertainment for hours. Please be a dear and subscribe to my youtube channel #YouTube #SubscribeNow #channel #Marketing #promotion #Growth #instagram #TwitchStreamers #Entertainment #fun

You have been selected as a finalist for the Chalk Art Contest for our annual Arts & Eats Fest. Your design has been approved, and we are looking forward to seeing your artistic abilities!
Here are some details for the day of the event:
You will be given 24 colors of chalk (2 of each color) to initially work with. Bringing your own chalk is HIGHLY recommended as we will not be giving out extras.
You may use washable tempera paint as a base to work with.
Schedule of Events:
2 p.m. – Check-in and start drawing
4 p.m. – Arts & Eats Fest begins
6 p.m. – Judging Begins
7 p.m. – Winners are announced
8 p.m. – Arts & Eats Fest Ends


Tye Dye Dream – 8x 10 – Mixed Media – this was originally a pour painting, the letters used were paper stencil and that was a crazy awesome mess. Great for a kids/preteens/teens room to remind them to never stop dreaming no matter the chaotic thoughts or world around us also good somewhere over the chimney or an office


Surprise – 18×24 Canvas Paper Ribbon – there is a surprise wrapped inside this canvas (hint: it’s colorful abstract) or it can stay as is but once you open it it can not be wrapped up exactly the same


Pink Warrior Girl – 20×30 – Painting – $66 – Pink is my favorite color and with the black combo it gives it an eloquent vibe. I have battled many dark things in my life and always ready to defend or attack


Guitar 1 – 20×30 – Painting – I love music and I play around with the guitar both classical and electric but the classical was the first I ever fell in love with. I can not function without music. Music is my oxygen


Galaxy 1 – 20×30 – Painting – is that an alien? Perhaps. I love all things Universe related and. It is so vast and such an enigma that it keeps us wondering, guessing, questioning. Will we ever know the truth?


How To Monetize Facebook (FB) Group: Basics

Advertisements There are 5 billion users on Facebook everyday and if you are not making money off of that pie, Learn Today! 1-Niche: what your group will focus on 2-Avatar: who your group will be for (Ideal Client, Perfect Customer) 3-Online Community: Like-minded Community together in one hub, instead of spreading your content thin everywhereContinue reading “How To Monetize Facebook (FB) Group: Basics”

Featuring: STAMP LOVE

Advertisements MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS Promoting awareness through daily Self-care tips, clothes, and open forums on mental health awareness .  Mental health is something that impacts us all.   Let’s work together to help others.  EARLY INTERVENTION Early intervention is important for all children with challenges.   While it is difficult to identify children who may have challengesContinue reading “Featuring: STAMP LOVE”

Featured Book

Advertisements Imagine what is possible if you discover the growth hacks tried and tested by the world’s top 100+ experts from 20 countries. The book presents 100+ battle-tested growth strategies categorized under the concept of GrowthSet (Acquire the SkillSet + Install the MindSet + Employ the ToolSet). 300 years of collective practical experience from successfulContinue reading “Featured Book”


Advertisements My addiction and recovery from Alcohol My story with alcohol didn’t start until I was 21. The legal drinking age. My friends that I hung with we’re all younger than me so for my 21st birthday I drank a lot of my father’s alcohol, got drunk in my house and ended up crying onContinue reading “PAULETTE SHERWOOD: Recovery Story”


Advertisements As a speaker, I incite action through empowerment!  With my book and complete platform, I assist people in the process of setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals, understanding what is needed to achieve them, creating a plan of attack, help them to identify the barriers that they may face, and help them to move past them so they areContinue reading “Featured Guest: PATRICIA JO GROVER”


Advertisements Nicole Mainwaring was born and raised in New Jersey. She developed a love of reading from a very young age, and always knew she would be an author. She is a mom of 2 daughters and a proud grandma to her new grandson, Christian. She now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and youngestContinue reading “Featured Author: NICOLE MAINWARING”

Featured Author: DANIELLE GIANNI

Advertisements Thank you to my family and my friends for all of your constant warm support, especially my children…with their prayers I was able to finish both novels and find the courage to self publish them both. I love you Jason and Desiree’ with my entire heart and soul. I’m eternally grateful for all ofContinue reading “Featured Author: DANIELLE GIANNI”

What My Recovery Looks Like Today

Advertisements First you should know some of how it started. I was 17 and began experimenting with drugs/alcohol. That sent me to a whole new stratosphere but it was an unhealthy one. I got in lots of trouble of all kinds as you can imagine but I have to admit it is all a blur.Continue reading “What My Recovery Looks Like Today”

Had a Mini-Mental Breakdown Today

Advertisements I’m ok now. No need to alarm yourself and know that this happens from time to time. I just want to share with you how i felt. I still can’t pinpoint what I actually was going through or why but it was triggered by an anxious thought. Coupled with the fact that I wasContinue reading “Had a Mini-Mental Breakdown Today”


Advertisements Ever get stuck because you were trying to be “perfect”? trying to uphold an image? Please everyone around you? Well then you are not being your authentic self & that is a huge block in your moving forward. Nobody is perfect and to try to pretend to be is exhausting and fake, we canContinue reading “PERFECTIONISM is bad”

10 Tips on How To Navigate Healthy Relationships

Advertisements 1 – Acceptance Accept the person exactly where and who they are. Do not try to change them or control them. Do not wish they were different. Know they are full of faults and will make mistakes often. 2 – Forgiveness Just like you need forgiveness the other person does too. Never accept abusiveContinue reading “10 Tips on How To Navigate Healthy Relationships”

I’m a Bad Writer and Still I Will Not Stop

Advertisements I have horrible grammar and punctuation. I paid very little attention in school growing up and I dance to my own tune. I probably have some sort of dyslexia and my handwriting is worse than a doctor’s. I still write though I even published a book which got some downloads and good reviews. EvenContinue reading “I’m a Bad Writer and Still I Will Not Stop”

5 Simple Tips to Successful Meditation

Advertisements Meditating does not have to be a complicated process. In fact it is one of the most simple forms of connecting to a higher self 1 – Disconnect Ideally you will be alone and stript of all: phones, devices, music, tv, distractions, sounds, people, interruptions and such. Begin with 5 minutes and increase toContinue reading “5 Simple Tips to Successful Meditation”

5 Benefits of Therapy

Advertisements 1 – Awareness It is very difficult to fix an issue when we are not aware it is there. In therapy we are the subject of conversation, our joys, sadness, fears, happiness, etc. In those talks many thoughts and feelings come out,  even things that had been buried deep down for years. When theseContinue reading “5 Benefits of Therapy”