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Thank you to my family and my friends for all of your constant warm support, especially my children…with their prayers I was able to finish both novels and find the courage to self publish them both. I love you Jason and Desiree’ with my entire heart and soul. I’m eternally grateful for all of you coming along with me on my writing journey, as I am blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you to my ‘Twin Flame’ Ryan, for being by my side through this thing we call life. Life is even more beautiful with you in it. I love you forever.

I would like to introduce to you all ‘The Diary of Lana Black Includes the Journal of Dracula… A VAMPIRE ROMANCE, and ‘Eva’s Sweet Revenge’…A SUSPENSE THRILLER, both available @Amazon in paperback and kindle.


A Vampire Romance. The Diary of Lana Black, includes The Journal of Dracula…pages of Lana Black’s diary are filled with passionate wantings, tales of obsessions, and her one secret wish to become a vampire mistress. She has always felt an alluring draw to the supernatural world and refuses to end her search for an immortal master. Armond Bourignon exudes power and he’s not afraid to use that to his advantage. But, for his immortal life to continue, he needs uncommitted blood to survive and that includes Lana.

With an unrelenting pull on her senses, Lana is lured to the Dragon’s Blood Cave. Dreams reveal passionate love, an insatiable hunger for romance and a startling revelation. Can she save Armond or will his demise be at her hands?

Lana Black’s diary pages are filled with inklings of passionate dreams of her immortal master. Armond Bourignon, the love and longing for her mortal husband Jake, and the torment of falling in love with both men. Addicted to her dreams, she is enslaved by the power to live in her dreams with reality awaiting her. Confusion sets in and her heart is torn. Only the world of the stage can set in motion the performance that reveals who Lana is destined to spend her life with. Is Armond her true soul mate or will Jake’s undying love prove to be her one and only?

The Journal of Dracula…Dracula’s journal is filled with pages of hungry desires, and the pain of his eternal quest to find his eternal love. He questions his needs through stage performance to bide the time. He knew the moment the sweet scent of her sanguine filled the air, his search was over. Finding Lana at the brink of death, he creates her…with the temptation of turning Lana without her knowledge of the immortal life that will follow. Visions fill Lana’s mind with life and death, pain and pleasure, and a prediction that will wrench her heart. Will Dracula’s love save Lana, or will her life be in her own hands?

A paranormal love story unlike any other…where the past collides with the present, only to create the most perfect future.



A Suspense Thriller. A story told by Evangelize Taylor; Eva. She reveals her sweetest revenge story in its finest of detail. Eva is a witty red head in her mid-twenties, single and determined to find love, but not on her most despised holiday. Irony makes its presence known, as Eva meets Master Kyle Cohan on Valentine’s Day. How cliche’?Kyle Cohan seduces Eva; using his slick silver tongue, his charismatic Casanova flare, and his undeniable sex appeal. With his irresistible seduction , Eva finds herself in an unhealthy situation. Kyle seems to have one controlling demand, as Eva is to become his and only his. However, Eva’s led to Officer Rowski with his cowboy twang, and to the tall dark and handsome Dr. Bret. Eva has her choice of men, but with Kyle’s insane obsession, can Eva escape him?A love triangle; bitter and sweet. Eva’s emotionally charged story will leave the mature reader at the edge of their seat. A page turner, a suspenseful read filled with love and lust; along with seduction and lies…who’s to trust? When Valentine’s Day becomes a bloody war of hearts, ‘EVA’S SWEET REVENGE’!

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