Had a Mini-Mental Breakdown Today


I’m ok now. No need to alarm yourself and know that this happens from time to time. I just want to share with you how i felt. I still can’t pinpoint what I actually was going through or why but it was triggered by an anxious thought. Coupled with the fact that I was sleepy, hungry and lonely did not make a good mix. All I could do was cry and ask myself “what is wrong with me? and why am i crying?” I began journaling and the word bored kept popping up, then It occurred to me how sick I am of re-living the same day over and over again for 5 months now! This lockdown is no freaking joke and I am truly sick of it, so it all culminated to a ball of tears then I took a nap and here I am digesting it. I feel so much better now. Thank You for reading.

You are not alone xox

Have you felt this way recently?

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  1. kegarland – K E Garland is a creative nonfiction writer whose primary goal is to amplify women's voices and to demarginalize and personalize societal issues regarding women.
    K E Garland says:

    Exactly. All the triggers :-/

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