5 Simple Tips to Successful Meditation


Meditating does not have to be a complicated process. In fact it is one of the most simple forms of connecting to a higher self

1 – Disconnect

Ideally you will be alone and stript of all: phones, devices, music, tv, distractions, sounds, people, interruptions and such. Begin with 5 minutes and increase to more as you practice this exercise. 

2 – Get Comfortable

Whether it is sitting or laying. This is important because the more comfortable you are the longer the session will organically last. If you happen to fall asleep that is permitted as well. There are no “‘rules” or a “right/wrong” way to meditate. It is an individual, personal journey. 

3 – Focus

Choose one word and repeat it. It can be: health, happiness, love or any word of your choosing. Keep this as focus for your intended guided meditation. When you find yourself distracted then redirect your thoughts back to your focus word. 

4 – Ask Questions







Are some questions to get you started

5 – Listen

At this juncture try to let your mind, heart and soul connect and be one. Focus on your word if you find your mind drifting off. Try to listen with heart instead of mind at this point. Positive thoughts are welcome, negative thoughts should be discarded. 

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