5 Ways to be Happy


1 – Choice

It is indeed important to note that happiness is a choice. It is a state of mind, mind over matter, so to speak. One can be in a difficult physical situation but in the mind one can be in a peaceful beach. Meditation, mindfulness, centering and grounding are great ways to become more focused and positive-centered.

2 – Gratitude

Being grateful for even the little things is a huge component to happiness. Only focusing on the things that are wrong or lacking in ones life is a sure-fire way to ruminate in the negative space that happiness does not live in. Pay attention to how ungrateful or entitled you are and you will find a link to unhappiness. Make a daily list of 10 things you are grateful for, including reading this blog post.

3 – Acceptance

Letting go of what you can not control and focusing on what you can control is a great tool to Happiness. Reminding yourself that you can not change other people, places, things, situations is important to healthy living and also relationships with others. Acceptance means that you will not continue to feed into the idea “if only” but instead to give it up. Acceptance does not mean that you are fine with it or like it but that you have come to point of “it is what it is”. This also includes acceptance of oneself, flaws and all.

4 – Service

Doing something for other people is eminent to the path of happiness. Our blanket, over-all, main purpose for existence is to help others. Also, it moves us to appreciate what we do have and to remind us that it could be worse. Helping others when they can not pay you back is the ultimate “feel-good” way to treat yourself. Offer you services to volunteer or find a neighbor in need.

5 – Direction

Some may call it setting goals or marking off the to-do checklist. It is tied together because it’s helpful to achieve even small things like; folding mountain of laundry or organizing desk. Make a list of things you wish to accomplish and things you are good at. Start checking off tasks but also remember to be easy on yourself and do not overwhelm yourself with an unattainable bucket list. Find your individual purpose, we all have one or many.


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