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Join FB Group with over 3,500 members to promote your business, product or service #Facebook #group #Marketing #promotion #Join #MEMBERSHIP #FREE #complimentary #INFO #news

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Pink Cloud 9 Youtube Subscribe Over 300 Creatives & Entrepreneurs Interviews. Entertainment for hours. Please be a dear and subscribe to my youtube channel #YouTube #SubscribeNow #channel #Marketing #promotion #Growth #instagram #TwitchStreamers #Entertainment #fun

Cathy Perez – Health Coach
Specializing in Anxiety & Stress
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You have been selected as a finalist for the Chalk Art Contest for our annual Arts & Eats Fest. Your design has been approved, and we are looking forward to seeing your artistic abilities!
Here are some details for the day of the event:
You will be given 24 colors of chalk (2 of each color) to initially work with. Bringing your own chalk is HIGHLY recommended as we will not be giving out extras.
You may use washable tempera paint as a base to work with.
Schedule of Events:
2 p.m. – Check-in and start drawing
4 p.m. – Arts & Eats Fest begins
6 p.m. – Judging Begins
7 p.m. – Winners are announced
8 p.m. – Arts & Eats Fest Ends


Palm Trees 1 – 20×30 – Painting – My favorite of all the trees. Symbolizes tranquility, peace serenity and it’s habitat is the beach where I spend most of my summers.


Palm Trees 1


Click here to purchase.

Tye Dye Dream – 8x 10 – Mixed Media – this was originally a pour painting, the letters used were paper stencil and that was a crazy awesome mess. Great for a kids/preteens/teens room to remind them to never stop dreaming no matter the chaotic thoughts or world around us also good somewhere over the chimney or an office


Tye Dye Dream


Click here to purchase.

Surprise – 18×24 Canvas Paper Ribbon – there is a surprise wrapped inside this canvas (hint: it’s colorful abstract) or it can stay as is but once you open it it can not be wrapped up exactly the same


Pink Warrior Girl – 20×30 – Painting – $66 – Pink is my favorite color and with the black combo it gives it an eloquent vibe. I have battled many dark things in my life and always ready to defend or attack


Pink Warrior Girl


Click here to purchase.

After Party – 20×30 – Painting – Originally a Pour Painting, this piece depicts the wreckage & chaos left behind after a party. No sense no direction just a mess to clean up


After Party


Click here to purchase.

Guitar 1 – 20×30 – Painting – I love music and I play around with the guitar both classical and electric but the classical was the first I ever fell in love with. I can not function without music. Music is my oxygen


Galaxy 1 – 20×30 – Painting – is that an alien? Perhaps. I love all things Universe related and. It is so vast and such an enigma that it keeps us wondering, guessing, questioning. Will we ever know the truth?


Couple Authors Cristal & Andrew Underwood: Spider Gang Mysteries Book Series


Author Sylvia Villasenor: It’s About Us Book


How To Monetize Facebook (FB) Group: Basics

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There are 5 billion users on Facebook everyday and if you are not making money off of that pie, Learn Today!

1-Niche: what your group will focus on

2-Avatar: who your group will be for (Ideal Client, Perfect Customer)

3-Online Community: Like-minded Community together in one hub, instead of spreading your content thin everywhere on (social) media

4- Content: VALUE add it! also make it engaging; ask questions and have a call to action

5-Advertising: use your website, vlog/youtube channel, FB timeline and add your friends

6-you can start monetizing as soon as your group reaches 500-1000 members or more…

ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL: or schedule a free 15 minute zoom call

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Promoting awareness through daily Self-care tips, clothes, and open forums on mental health awareness .  Mental health is something that impacts us all.   Let’s work together to help others. 


Early intervention is important for all children with challenges.   While it is difficult to identify children who may have challenges in the future mental health awareness is important.  Let’s work together to assist them and their families with a place to feel accepted.  


We all deserve to be well in all aspects of our lives.  Mentally, physically, and spiritually wellness is important.  By allowing others to grow in a place of acceptance we allow each individual to develop their purpose. Removing stigma through mental health awareness, Self-care , and clothes gives them a place for everyone to be well.  

Wellness is a necessity for our society to be healthy and happy.  Our children need to be healthy and happy, this means our families need to be healthy and happy.  Which further means we must work on many levels to improve overall well being as a community.  To achieve these levels of wellness, we must apply it towards every possible endeavor. You can apply a wellness approach towards your environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, and creative activities. Applying wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose.  Helping others live well includes mental health.

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My addiction and recovery from Alcohol My story with alcohol didn’t start until I was 21. The legal drinking age. My friends that I hung with we’re all younger than me so for my 21st birthday I drank a lot of my father’s alcohol, got drunk in my house and ended up crying on my bathroom floor. Pretty pathetic, I know! I met my first husband in a bar he worked at in 1994. So the beginning of our relationship was getting drunk and hanging where he worked. We married after 6 months(I was pregnant with our first child) I turned into another person when I drank..sometimes fun..sometimes mean. My first marriage was very abusive..mentally and verbally .I stood in that nightmare for 13 years until he got another woman pregnant and left me. Looking back..that was a blessing! I don’t hate the woman..she freed me of that monster! But still after the divorce I felt one could ever love me(the lies my ex told me as a controlling factor) I started drinking heavily. I was always out..never there for my kids. I hooked up with men..didn’t care. It was so wrong. Fast forward to 2011 I met my now husband in ..surprise a bar! I knew his brother and sister in law so to me he wasn’t a total stranger. Our first encounter I was hammered! He had to sit me down! I was all over the place. We went through our first year together drinking a lot. But me more!! I was drunk everyday! To the point of either passing out or blacking out! The beginning of the end of my drinking came on July 21st when we got so drunk we fought(we did that A LOT) so bad we went in the middle of our street and a neighbor called the cops! My husband was leaving, I was going to sleep when they showed up at my house. I don’t recall it all but basically i remember the cop said..break up or quit drinking. Well the next man was gone my mom and kids were mad at me and I had a bad hangover. It was time time for a change!! So as of July 22nd 2012..I never drank again. What keeps me sober? I know how awful I was when I was drinking! I hope my story encourages at least one person to know you too can change!

Featured Podcast: Turning 2


Episode 156: 17 Hour Retirements And The Hot Dog Draft We Got Ice

Baseball is fun so let's talk about it! Yermin Mercedes retired then came out of retirement in less then 24 hours and honestly we are confused but let the Phoenix rise! The trade deadline is right around the corner and Nelson Cruz is the first major domino to drop! Lastly, hot dogs hold a special place in our hearts so we rank the best hot dog toppings in honor of national hot dog day! Thanks for listening! Stay Chilly Timestamps  Nelson Cruz Is A Ray 4:47  Trade Deadline Preview 13:35 Yerminator Chronicles 37:13  Ranking Hot Dog Toppings 45:10
  1. Episode 156: 17 Hour Retirements And The Hot Dog Draft
  2. Episode 155: Singlehandedly Fixing all of Baseball's Problems
  3. Episode 154: Re-Pete Champs And Twice Baked Toast
  4. Episode 153: Drafts, Derbies, and Sour Patch Kids
  5. Episode 152: Our Most Controversial Episode Yet



As a speaker, I incite action through empowerment!  With my book and complete platform, I assist people in the process of setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals, understanding what is needed to achieve them, creating a plan of attack, help them to identify the barriers that they may face, and help them to move past them so they are able to achieve their dreams.

Featured Author: DANIELLE GIANNI


Thank you to my family and my friends for all of your constant warm support, especially my children…with their prayers I was able to finish both novels and find the courage to self publish them both. I love you Jason and Desiree’ with my entire heart and soul. I’m eternally grateful for all of you coming along with me on my writing journey, as I am blessed to have you all in my life. Thank you to my ‘Twin Flame’ Ryan, for being by my side through this thing we call life. Life is even more beautiful with you in it. I love you forever.

I would like to introduce to you all ‘The Diary of Lana Black Includes the Journal of Dracula… A VAMPIRE ROMANCE, and ‘Eva’s Sweet Revenge’…A SUSPENSE THRILLER, both available @Amazon in paperback and kindle.


A Vampire Romance. The Diary of Lana Black, includes The Journal of Dracula…pages of Lana Black’s diary are filled with passionate wantings, tales of obsessions, and her one secret wish to become a vampire mistress. She has always felt an alluring draw to the supernatural world and refuses to end her search for an immortal master. Armond Bourignon exudes power and he’s not afraid to use that to his advantage. But, for his immortal life to continue, he needs uncommitted blood to survive and that includes Lana.

With an unrelenting pull on her senses, Lana is lured to the Dragon’s Blood Cave. Dreams reveal passionate love, an insatiable hunger for romance and a startling revelation. Can she save Armond or will his demise be at her hands?

Lana Black’s diary pages are filled with inklings of passionate dreams of her immortal master. Armond Bourignon, the love and longing for her mortal husband Jake, and the torment of falling in love with both men. Addicted to her dreams, she is enslaved by the power to live in her dreams with reality awaiting her. Confusion sets in and her heart is torn. Only the world of the stage can set in motion the performance that reveals who Lana is destined to spend her life with. Is Armond her true soul mate or will Jake’s undying love prove to be her one and only?

The Journal of Dracula…Dracula’s journal is filled with pages of hungry desires, and the pain of his eternal quest to find his eternal love. He questions his needs through stage performance to bide the time. He knew the moment the sweet scent of her sanguine filled the air, his search was over. Finding Lana at the brink of death, he creates her…with the temptation of turning Lana without her knowledge of the immortal life that will follow. Visions fill Lana’s mind with life and death, pain and pleasure, and a prediction that will wrench her heart. Will Dracula’s love save Lana, or will her life be in her own hands?

A paranormal love story unlike any other…where the past collides with the present, only to create the most perfect future.



A Suspense Thriller. A story told by Evangelize Taylor; Eva. She reveals her sweetest revenge story in its finest of detail. Eva is a witty red head in her mid-twenties, single and determined to find love, but not on her most despised holiday. Irony makes its presence known, as Eva meets Master Kyle Cohan on Valentine’s Day. How cliche’?Kyle Cohan seduces Eva; using his slick silver tongue, his charismatic Casanova flare, and his undeniable sex appeal. With his irresistible seduction , Eva finds herself in an unhealthy situation. Kyle seems to have one controlling demand, as Eva is to become his and only his. However, Eva’s led to Officer Rowski with his cowboy twang, and to the tall dark and handsome Dr. Bret. Eva has her choice of men, but with Kyle’s insane obsession, can Eva escape him?A love triangle; bitter and sweet. Eva’s emotionally charged story will leave the mature reader at the edge of their seat. A page turner, a suspenseful read filled with love and lust; along with seduction and lies…who’s to trust? When Valentine’s Day becomes a bloody war of hearts, ‘EVA’S SWEET REVENGE’!

What My Recovery Looks Like Today


First you should know some of how it started. I was 17 and began experimenting with drugs/alcohol. That sent me to a whole new stratosphere but it was an unhealthy one. I got in lots of trouble of all kinds as you can imagine but I have to admit it is all a blur. in 2007 I was diagnosed with: Bipolar 1, BPD Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia and mild PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Did nothing about it. Fast forward to my 37th birthday I found myself in a deep black hole, literally. My only way out was Recovery.

That journey began February 13, 2017. I began a 12 step program and a regime of 4 pharmaceuticals (which I still apply to this day). Sure at first I was unsure that Recovery would work for me but I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I kept going and figured I’d continue something new. The month to month milestones turned into year to year and I was loving the clarity and success; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Psychological and even Physical.

Today I am Happy, Joyous and Free. Though I must continually, daily, minute to minute guard myself from going back to that place of “running away” from reality or from my feelings. Meditation and Prayer help keep me balance and grounded, so does a network system of support after all it take a tribe…

Had a Mini-Mental Breakdown Today


I’m ok now. No need to alarm yourself and know that this happens from time to time. I just want to share with you how i felt. I still can’t pinpoint what I actually was going through or why but it was triggered by an anxious thought. Coupled with the fact that I was sleepy, hungry and lonely did not make a good mix. All I could do was cry and ask myself “what is wrong with me? and why am i crying?” I began journaling and the word bored kept popping up, then It occurred to me how sick I am of re-living the same day over and over again for 5 months now! This lockdown is no freaking joke and I am truly sick of it, so it all culminated to a ball of tears then I took a nap and here I am digesting it. I feel so much better now. Thank You for reading.

You are not alone xox

Have you felt this way recently?



Ever get stuck because you were trying to be “perfect”? trying to uphold an image? Please everyone around you? Well then you are not being your authentic self & that is a huge block in your moving forward.

Nobody is perfect and to try to pretend to be is exhausting and fake, we can tell and it is time we speak up too. TAKE A BREAK! the world is NOT going to implode if you take a nap.

Perfectionism breeds procrastination too because you use it as an excuse “oh i will get to it when everything is perfect” HOGWASH that is GIBBERISH and it needs to stop TODAY.

With Much Love xox PC9

10 Tips on How To Navigate Healthy Relationships


1 – Acceptance

Accept the person exactly where and who they are. Do not try to change them or control them. Do not wish they were different. Know they are full of faults and will make mistakes often.

2 – Forgiveness

Just like you need forgiveness the other person does too. Never accept abusive talk or behavior. Do allow for human error and mistakes. 

3 – Trust

Whether you truly trust or not is up to you but the actual merit of choosing to trust them is enough to protect yourself from wondering if they are being honest or not.

4 – Kindness

Allowing the other person to be who they are is a great way for both people to grow in relationships. Being cruel helps no one.

5 – Respect

Treating others as one would like to be treated is important for a successful partnership. Even not saying something hurtful can allow relationship to blossom 

6 – Compromise

Many times one will have to let go of a thought or a decision in order to keep the peace. Do not impose your ideas on others and let situations develop freely. 

7 – Lower Expectations

If you have zero expectations you will have zero disappointments. No one person can humanly fulfill your needs and desires 100% so not putting that type of pressure on someone else is effective. 

8 – Integrity

Being honest with oneself is important to a successful life in general and it applies in relationships too. Never lose sight of your true self and do not allow others to change you either

9 – Support

Whether it is emotional or psychological, supporting another person is a turning point and can elevate the relationship to a higher degree.

10 – Choose to Be Happy Not Right

Even if the facts show you are correct but it is causing arguments then it is fine to let the situation go and let the other person believe they have a “win”. Sometimes relationships may feel like a contest of wits but the winner is the one that fights less, choose peace. 


You can only change yourself, this is about how you effectively deal with others not about how others deal with you, focus on you. 

I’m a Bad Writer and Still I Will Not Stop


I have horrible grammar and punctuation. I paid very little attention in school growing up and I dance to my own tune. I probably have some sort of dyslexia and my handwriting is worse than a doctor’s. I still write though I even published a book which got some downloads and good reviews. Even this blog has gotten more views than I ever imagined it would. That is not the reason I write though. I write to express myself to get my thoughts and feelings out and what is more to share with the world so that somehow I feel connected or at the very least not alone. Writing is from the soul and the heart for me not as much from the mind. I am gentle with myself and don’t put too much pressure on my performance. I don’t listen to the outside world and its judgment, I enjoy writing and my life. Writing is for fun and once it becomes more than just that it’s when it will die for me. Thank You to the supporters and Thank You to the haters too.

5 Simple Tips to Successful Meditation


Meditating does not have to be a complicated process. In fact it is one of the most simple forms of connecting to a higher self

1 – Disconnect

Ideally you will be alone and stript of all: phones, devices, music, tv, distractions, sounds, people, interruptions and such. Begin with 5 minutes and increase to more as you practice this exercise. 

2 – Get Comfortable

Whether it is sitting or laying. This is important because the more comfortable you are the longer the session will organically last. If you happen to fall asleep that is permitted as well. There are no “‘rules” or a “right/wrong” way to meditate. It is an individual, personal journey. 

3 – Focus

Choose one word and repeat it. It can be: health, happiness, love or any word of your choosing. Keep this as focus for your intended guided meditation. When you find yourself distracted then redirect your thoughts back to your focus word. 

4 – Ask Questions







Are some questions to get you started

5 – Listen

At this juncture try to let your mind, heart and soul connect and be one. Focus on your word if you find your mind drifting off. Try to listen with heart instead of mind at this point. Positive thoughts are welcome, negative thoughts should be discarded. 

5 Benefits of Therapy


1 – Awareness

It is very difficult to fix an issue when we are not aware it is there. In therapy we are the subject of conversation, our joys, sadness, fears, happiness, etc. In those talks many thoughts and feelings come out,  even things that had been buried deep down for years. When these things come out then we can begin to heal. If they stay inside it will continue to hurt us. 

2 – Self-Discovery

Many times we think we know oneself well but in therapy that exploration is taken to a deeper level. Here we figure out what truly makes us tick in a positive and negative way. How other people, places, things and situations affects us and also how we can better deal with it this ongoing newfound information. 

3 – Out of the Darkness

Exposing our deepest darkest thoughts is cathartic to our soul. Holding in those feelings is toxic and can only continue to make us feel heavy and trapped. Giving it light means it can not be used against us because we took the initiative to expel it and thus we have power over it instead of it holding us hostage any longer. 

4 – Coping Tools

In therapy we learn healing mechanisms. How to better handle situations and relationships. What works better in certain scenarios. Taking responsibility for our own thought patterns and behaviors. Integrity, Gratitude, Exercises, CBT, Meditation, Workbook, Diet; these are a few examples of tools that can be delegated to your continued health.

5 – Goals

The therapist and you can devise a plan of action. You have some accountability to yourself for meeting objectives. Having direction is a good way to measure personal success. Examples: make an amends list, reduce shopping habits, read and write daily, practice mindfulness, yoga, work on forgiveness, learn acceptance. 

“We have control and power to decide what we think and how we act but not how others do”

Confidence vs Arrogance


To be arrogant you have to be confident but to be confident you don’t have to be arrogant.

Pride is a major component between the two. If it is puffed-up self-love as in thinking one is too good for such people or events, then it will be in the arrogant arena. If it is a more subtle self-acceptance then it is more of a simple confidence. 

Exaggeration is also a facet of arrogance, where someone makes up grandiose stories of their accomplishments. 

Comparison is yet another phase of arrogance, where someone may find themselves keeping tabs on other people’s achievements. 

The only one we should be competing with is oneself, in order to become better as time passes and learning from mistakes. 

The opposite of pride is humility and this is the principle most necessary for gentle confidence. 



My ego treats people like dirt

Makes me rude and sarcastic 

It makes me fall & hurt 

Makes me act extra dramatic

It’s all fun & games 

till it burns & maims

My ego adds on the cynical

It is something very sinister

When i end up locked up & clinical

Please don’t call the minister 

Why am i so entitled?

Why is my mouth so unbridled?

My ego has no shame

It holds grudges

It likes to play games

Its stubborn & never budges

My ego makes me have nightly screams 

From my loins i yell

It makes me bust at the seams

Makes me feel like I’m in hell 

My ego makes me pick fights

With tongue & arm

It always thinks it’s right

& ignore all the harm its done

My ego gets me in trouble

It makes me hit the rubble

It gets me in rage & anger

I want to burn down the park & ranger

My ego gives me false pride

Bc i have low self esteem

It makes me want to hide 

& my integrity i can not redeem 

My ego makes me tell lies

I forget what i said

It thinks there are evil spies 

& all i see is blood red:

Spilling & i am always the villain 

My ego makes me feel i can fly

I do things without thinking

It leaves me high & dry

Like my life is shrinking 

My ego keeps me paranoid

It makes me feel annoyed

& i tend to avoid:

People & places

I runaway from their faces

& i’m off to the races:

To gamble & ramble 

My ego doesn’t let me sit still

It makes my mind ill

My ego makes me feel rated

Berated & hated

My ego i like to stroke

But when people come around i choke

The bear you should not poke

The last cigarette i will smoke 

My ego has no hope

no one can help not even the pope

All i can think of is smoking dope 

just pass me the hanging rope

My ego inflates it charges rates

It changes dates

it rapes

My ego makes me feel little

it’s like a head & emotional cancer

Makes my bones brittle

& tells me i’m a bad dancer

Which i’m not!

My ego keeps me poor

makes me ask for more

Makes me close the door

On the past

Makes me not eat & fast

So i can lose weight & hopefully find a mate 

Makes me feel like im coming in last 

My ego is like an ash 

From the burning fire

I sell it for cash

I need a maid to hire

To clean up my life

& help me find a wife 

But in reality my ego makes me crash

I prefer to smash 

I lash out 

I also sit & pout

I know my poem is elementary

But we are in a state of emergency

My ego made me lose my virginity & my dignity

It bruises, uses & abuses 

It’s ruthless & useless

My ego i need to let go 

5 Ways to be Happy


1 – Choice

It is indeed important to note that happiness is a choice. It is a state of mind, mind over matter, so to speak. One can be in a difficult physical situation but in the mind one can be in a peaceful beach. Meditation, mindfulness, centering and grounding are great ways to become more focused and positive-centered.

2 – Gratitude

Being grateful for even the little things is a huge component to happiness. Only focusing on the things that are wrong or lacking in ones life is a sure-fire way to ruminate in the negative space that happiness does not live in. Pay attention to how ungrateful or entitled you are and you will find a link to unhappiness. Make a daily list of 10 things you are grateful for, including reading this blog post.

3 – Acceptance

Letting go of what you can not control and focusing on what you can control is a great tool to Happiness. Reminding yourself that you can not change other people, places, things, situations is important to healthy living and also relationships with others. Acceptance means that you will not continue to feed into the idea “if only” but instead to give it up. Acceptance does not mean that you are fine with it or like it but that you have come to point of “it is what it is”. This also includes acceptance of oneself, flaws and all.

4 – Service

Doing something for other people is eminent to the path of happiness. Our blanket, over-all, main purpose for existence is to help others. Also, it moves us to appreciate what we do have and to remind us that it could be worse. Helping others when they can not pay you back is the ultimate “feel-good” way to treat yourself. Offer you services to volunteer or find a neighbor in need.

5 – Direction

Some may call it setting goals or marking off the to-do checklist. It is tied together because it’s helpful to achieve even small things like; folding mountain of laundry or organizing desk. Make a list of things you wish to accomplish and things you are good at. Start checking off tasks but also remember to be easy on yourself and do not overwhelm yourself with an unattainable bucket list. Find your individual purpose, we all have one or many.